July 15: Pivot with Philip Quinn, Angela Szczepaniak and Gillian Sze

How did this happen? So many SZ combinations have never descended upon Pivot in one evening! Please join us July 15 for poetry from Philip Quinn and Gillian Sze and fiction that reads like poetry from Angela Szczepaniak. Prizes will be awarded to those who can pronounce all three names in quick succession without stumbling.

Philip Quinn’s work has appeared in sub-Terrain, blood+aphorisms, White Wall Review, Front&Centre, Kiss Machine, Lichen journal, Broken Pencil, Snow Monkey and Anemone Sidecar. On-line appearances include: Laura Hird’s Showcase (www.laurahird.com), eli mae (www.elimae.com) The Shore Magazine (www.theshoremag.com) and Danforth Review (www.danforthreview.com). Jay Millar’s BookThug press published Quinn’s first collection of poetry, The SubWay, in November 2008. Sample poems can be found online at: http://www.philipquinn.ca. Books include: Dis Location, Stories After the Flood and The Double, a novel, published by Gutter Press. Upcoming: The Skeleton Dance, a novel, (Anvil Press) fall of 2009. Mr. Quinn lives in Toronto.

A doctoral candidate at the University at Buffalo, Angela Szczepaniak is neck-deep in a dissertation on innovative poetry, detective fiction, and comic books. Her first book is a novel-in-poems, called Unisex Love Poems. In addition to publishing poetry and critical essays, she recently participated in a hygiene themed poetry-art project with LOCCAL, and as a result her visual poetry can be found on placards in some of the finest public restrooms in Seattle. At the moment, she lives in Toronto, where she thinks about being ravaged by time’s withered claw.

Gillian Sze is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied in Montreal where she earned an MA in creative writing at Concordia University in 2008. Her thesis, a collection of poems based on visual art from a range of cultures, is the basis of her newly released book, Fish Bones, published by DC Books. Gilliansze.com

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
8 p.m. at the Press Club
850 Dundas Street West
Hosted by Carey Toane

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