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Pivot on February 12th: Stacey May Fowles, Emma Healey, and Peter Unwin

Welcome back Pivot. The mid-winter shows are always memorable, whether for their propensity towards full-tilt, 3-feet-of-visibility snowstorms or for their consistent supply of great readings and good people. Let’s do the latter thing for sure this time.

Three readers. We have a young poet whose new book was quietly one of the year’s best, a journalist and author with a diverse and exciting resume, and a novelist who doubles as one of the country’s most challenging essayists and public intellectuals. And beer. And jokes about the weather.

Cast List:

Stacey May Fowles is a writer and magazine professional living in Toronto. Her first novel, Be Good, was published by Tightrope Books in 2007. In fall 2008 she released an illustrated novel, Fear of Fighting, and staged a theatrical adaptation of it with Nightwood Theatre. The novel was later selected as a National Post Canada Also Reads pick for 2010. Her writing has appeared in various magazines and journals, including The Walrus, Elle Canada, Hazlitt, Taddle Creek, Prism, and Maisonneuve. She currently works at The Walrus, and is a regular contributor to The National Post. Her latest novel, Infidelity, was out with ECW press in fall 2013. It was selected as an Amazon Best Book of 2013.

Emma Healey is a writer and editor who currently lives in Toronto. Her first book,Begin with the End in Mind, was published by Arbeiter Ring Publishing in 2012. Her fiction, poetry and nonfiction have been featured in various publications includingMatrix, Joyland, Maisonneuve, Broken Pencil, the National Post, the Toronto Star, Said the Gramophone, the Void, CV2 and Lemon Hound. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the Incongruous Quarterly, an online literary magazine devoted to the publication of unpublishable literature.

Peter Unwin was born in Sheffield, England and was raised in southern Ontario. He studied at Carleton University in Ottawa, and then moved to Toronto where he took on various jobs as a grain handler, beer porter, a denture courier, and a journalist. He has traveled extensively in Ontario and was once thrown out of Providence Bay by someone who claimed to be the mayor. Currently, he lives in Toronto.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Stacey May Fowles, Emma Healey, & Peter Unwin
Wednesday, February 12th
8 PM
850 Dundas Street West
PWYC (Suggested: $5)
Hosted by Jacob McArthur Mooney


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