Pivot on February 26th: Sam Cheuk, Aaron Giovannone, Alexandra Leggat, & Darryl Whetter

These winter Pivots are fun. Because of the seasonality of book publishing, nobody has a “hot off the press” title to nervously present to the crowd yet. People are relaxed. We have the shared benefits of one another’s body heat as a refuge from the cold. Romance. Four readers.

Cast List:

Sam Cheuk holds an MFA from New York University. He divides his time between Toronto, Vancouver, and Hong Kong. His first collection of poetry was Love Figures (Insomniac, 2011).

Among Aaron Giovannone’s publications are the poetry chapbook Castelliri (No Press, 2007) and the full-length collection The Loneliness Machine (Insomniac, 2013). He is currently translating into English the poetry of twentieth-century Italian writer Sandro Penna. Originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Aaron has worked at the Università di Siena and lived in Castelliri, Italy. He now lives in Calgary where he is completing a Ph.D.

Alexandra Leggat’s previous books include the Trillium-nominated short story collection Animal (Anvil, 2008) and the poetry collection This is me since yesterday (Coach House, 2000). Her debut novel The Incomparables is coming out soon.

Darryl Whetter is the author of a Globe 100 short story collection (A Sharp Tooth in the Fur, Goose Lane 2003), a novel about bicycling (The Push & The Pull, Goose Lane 2010) and a collection of poetry (Origins, Palimpsest Press 2012). He has also published over 100 book reviews and stood as the Green Party candidate for the federal riding of Halifax in 2008. His new novel is Keeping Things Whole (Vagrant, 2013).

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Sam Cheuk, Aaron Giovannone, Alexandra Leggat, & Darryl Whetter
Wednesday, February 26th
8 PM
850 Dundas Street West
PWYC (Suggested: $5)
Hosted by Jacob McArthur Mooney


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