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Pivot on April 9: Book Launch for Erin Moure & Chus Pato with guests Liz Howard & Sonja Greckol

Generally Pivot at the Press Club does not host book launches as a rule but when Erín Moure asked us we just couldn’t say no. Join us on April 9 when we join forces with BookThug to present the launch of Secession by Chus Pato with Insecession by Erin Moure

Join us for this special Pivot Readings event with Erín Moure (present) and Chus Pato (virtually) and special guests Sonja Greckol and Liz Howard.

Secession / Insecession is a homage to the acts of reading, writing and translating poetry. In it, Chus Pato’s Galician biopoetics of poet and nation, Secession – translated by Erín Moure – joins Moure’s Canadian translational biopoetics, Insecession. To Pato, the poem is an insurrection against normalized language; to Moure, translation itself disrupts and reforms poetics and the possibility of the poem. In solidarity with Pato, Moure echoes Barthes: “A readerly text is something I cannot re-produce (today I cannot write like Atwood); a writerly text is one I can read only if I utterly transform my reading regime. I now recognize a third text alongside the readerly and the writerly: let’s call it the untranslatable.”

In Secession / Insecession, a major European poet and a known Canadian poet, born on opposite sides of the Atlantic in the mid twentieth century and with vastly different experiences of political life, forge a 21st century relationship of thinking and creation. The result is a major work of memoir, poetics, trans-ethics and history.

Cast List:
Montreal poet ERIN MOURE has published seventeen books of poetry in English and Galician/English, and thirteen volumes of poetry translated from French, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese into English, by poets such as Andrés Ajens, Nicole Brossard, Rosalía de Castro, Louise Dupré, and Fernando Pessoa. Her work has received the Governor General’s Award, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the A.M. Klein Prize, and has been a three-time finalist for the Griffin Prize. Moure is currently revising the bilingual French/English impossible play Kapusta, a sequel to The Unmemntioable, and is translating Chus Pato’s Carne de Leviatán into English as Flesh of Leviathan. She is also working on a new book of poems called The Elements, and on a translation of Wilson Bueno’s Mar Paraguayo. Follow her on Twitter: @erinmoure.

CHUS PATO is a central figure in contemporary poetry and one of the most iconoclastic figures in Galician and European literature. Her sixth book, m-Talá, broke the poetic mould in 2000. Hordes of Writing, the third text in her projected pentology Method, received the 2008 Spanish Critics’ Prize for Galician Poetry, and the Losada Diéguez Literary Prize in 2009. Pato continues to refashion the way we think of the possibilities of poetic text, of words, bodies, political and literary space, and of the construction of ourselves as individual, community, nation, world. She brings us face to face with the traumas and migrations of Europe, with writing itself, and the possibility (or not) of poetry accounting for our animal selves. Secession is Pato’s ninth book and her fourth to be translated into English.

LIZ HOWARD was born and raised in northern Ontario and is of Anishinaabe and European ancestry. She co-curates the feminist reading series AvantGarden and is a member of the Influency Salon editorial group. Her poetry has appeared in Canadian literary journals such as The Capilano Review, The Puritan, and Matrix. Her Skullambient (Ferno House Press) was shortlisted for the 2012 bpNichol Chapbook Award. She is currently completing an MFA in Creative Writing through the University of Guelph and works as a cognition researcher in Toronto.

SONJA GRECKOL began to write poetry when Mike Harris was re-elected in Ontario. Since, her work has appeared in Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Literature, Dalhousie Review, CV2, Canadian Women’s Studies, Fiddlehead and Matrix. She coordinates poetry for Women and Environments International Magazine and has served as the Associate Rep representative on the National Council of the League of Canadian Poets (2006-08). She has taught college and university, studied order and disorder in jokes, done human rights and gender-based research and consulting, and does local activism while she writes. Her long poem, ‘Emilie Explains Newton to Voltaire,’ was short-listed for the CBC Poetry Prize in 2008. Her debut book Skein of Days is available this spring from Pedlar Press.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring the launch of Secession/Insecession by Chus Pato & Erin Moure, with guest readers Liz Howard & Sonja Greckol
Wednesday, April 9th
8 PM
850 Dundas Street West
Hosted by Pivot Reading Series



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Pivot on March 26th: Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Guillaume Morissette, & Stuart Ross

Pivot’s moves into Spring with three local Gentlemen of Letters and a visiting poet who holds the best job title in all of Scottish poetry. No promises about patio weather, but a dream never hurt anybody…

UPDATE: Liz Lochhead’s trip to Canada has been canceled due to illness. We and our colleagues at VerseFest Ottawa are both sad to report that we’ll have to get her next time. Let’s all wish Liz a healthy recovery. It’s not anything particularly serious, luckily, but it does put the kibosh on Transatlantic flying.

Cast List

Jeremy Hanson-Finger’s fiction has been published in Joyland, Feathertale, Monkeybicycle, and Front&Centre, among other places, and he has poetry in two anthologies (published by Orca Books and Your Scrivener Press).  He currently lives in Toronto, where he co-founded and co-ran the online literary magazine and dance party manufacturer Dragnet . He works in e-book conversion at Kobo and he is in the final stages with his novel manuscript, The Big Freeze, a black comedy/revisionist hardboiled detective story/hospital drama set in the anesthesiology department of the Ottawa Civic Hospital, from which he will be reading tonight. You can visit his website at

Guillaume Morissette is the author of I Am My Own Betrayal (Maison Kasini, 2012) and the forthcoming novel New Tab (Vehicule Press, 2014). His work has appeared in Maisonneuve Magazine, carte-blanche, Little Brother Magazine, Metazen, ThoughtCatalog, HTMLGiant and many other publications.

Stuart Ross is the poetry editor at Mansfield Press and a founding member of the Meet the Presses collective. His books include the Trillium-shortlisted Father Gloomy’s New Hybrid, the story collection Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew, and poetry volumes like Dead Cars in Managua and the new Our Days in Vaudeville, which features collaborations with 29 other poets. He’s one third of the sound ensemble “Donkey Lopez”. He lives in Cobourg.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Guillaume Morissette, and Stuart Ross
Wednesday, March 26th
8 PM
850 Dundas Street West
PWYC (Suggested: $5)
Hosted by Jacob McArthur Mooney

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