Upcoming Pivots

Pivot is excited to announce its Winter & Spring 2015 schedule. Please check in regularly with the Facebook page for updates on readings as they happen.

January 28th: Guy Gavriel Kay, Mia Grace Kim, & Michael Prior

February 11th: Ken Babstock, Sheniz Janmohamed, & David B. Goldstein

February 25th: Derek Beaulieu, Dionne Brand, Elisabeth de Mariaffi & Edward Nixon

March 11th: Vincent Colistro, Nicholas Power, Priscila Uppal, & Jane Woods

March 25th: Jessica Bebenek, E. Martin Nolan, & Gillian Wigmore

April 8th: Christine Fischer Guy, Aaron Kreuter, Nikki Reimer, & Kate Sutherland

April 22nd, Pivot at The Steady Café: kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Jake Kennedy & Matt Rader

May 6th, Pivot at The Steady Café:Julie Paul, Damian Rogers, Shane Neilson & Blair Trewartha,

May 20th, Pivot at The Steady Café: Mike Garry, Ben Ladouceur, Jeff Latosik, & Jimmy McInnes

June 3rd, Pivot at The Steady Café: David McGimpsey, Sachiko Murakami, Diane Schoemperlen, & Shannon Webb-Campbell

Interested in reading? Come take a look at our Reading at Pivot page for a rundown on how to put your name forward. We like a mix of establish, emerging, veteran, and disembodied voices. Pivot loves all kinds.

If you know of someone you’d like to come see at Pivot, you should let Jake or Lex know. You can reach them at pivotreadings (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also find them on The Twitter. Or The Facebook. Or, you could walk up to them on The Street.

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