Upcoming Pivots

Pivot is proud to announce the following shows. Don’t be surprised if you see a change or two here as the autumn and winter progress. The most up-to-date-information will be on our Facebook page. Which you should really Like.

February 12th: Stacey May Fowles, Emma Healey, & Peter Unwin

February 26th: Sam Cheuk, Aaron GiovannoneAlexandra Leggat, & Darryl Whetter

March 12th: Robyn Doolittle, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Evan Munday, & Robert Priest

March 26th: Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Liz Lochhead, Guillaume Morissette, & Stuart Ross

April 9th: Launch of Secession/Insecession by Chus Pato & Erin Moure, with guests Sonja Greckol & Liz Howard

April 23rd: Brian Bartlett, Alice Burdick, & D.D. Miller

May 7th: David James Brock, Nicholas Ruddock, Kevin Spenst, & Jacob Wren

May 21st: Jason Guriel, Chris HutchinsonMelanie Mah & Shane Neilson

June 4th: Angela Hibbs, Aisha Sasha John, Jim Johnstone & Suzannah Showler

Interested in reading? Come take a look at our Reading at Pivot page for a rundown on how to put your name forward. We like a mix of establish, emerging, veteran, and disembodied voices. Pivot loves all kinds.

If you know of someone you’d like to come see at Pivot, you should let Jake know. You can reach him at pivotreadings (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also find him on The Twitter. Or The Facebook. Or, you could walk up to him on The Street.

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