Feb. 11: Ryan Kamstra, Jenny Sampirisi and Robert Colman

Pivot is back February 11 with three very exciting readers:

Robert Colman is a writer and editor based in Newmarket, Ontario. His poetry has appeared in journals across Canada, including The Malahat Review, Arc, The Fiddlehead and CV2. His first full-length collection of poems, The Delicate Line, was recently published by Exile Editions.

Stumbled from Thunder Bay, raised by lesbian nuns and witchy witches, currently whistling like a bright kettle in Toronto, Ryan Kamstra sat by the water of a coin-toss of cities and wept two folk-punk albums (all fall down 2002, i want an army 2005) and cried one creaky crypt of poetry (late capitalist sublime 2002). The blood now trickling from his ears spawned this latest offering Into The Drowned World (Insomniac Press 2008): about our world that already ended at the turn of the millennium, addressed to the archangel Madonna. In his spare time he fronts glam band Tomboyfriend feted throughout lands near and far, as well as does outreach for knit-goods-for-homeless-shelters project Streetknit. He works as a personal support worker in Toronto. Visit his soul-expropriating exploits: http://www.ryankamstra.com

Jenny Sampirisi is a poet, prose writer and editor. She is the managing editor for BookThug and facilitates the online concrete poetry journal, Other Cl/utter. She teaches English at Ryerson University where she runs the Ryerson Reading Series. She is also an executive member of the Scream Literary Festival. Her first novel, is/was explores the flexible boundaries of language, media, and the body.

Hosted by Carey Toane
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
8 p.m. at the Press Club,
850 Dundas Street West



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2 responses to “Feb. 11: Ryan Kamstra, Jenny Sampirisi and Robert Colman

  1. Melanie

    Hello. I’m kind of confused. I just wanted to make sure that this event has yet to happen. (There are two separate dates on the posting.) Could you confirm exactly when this event takes place? Thanks!

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