November 17: Paul Headrick, Mike Knox and Steve McOrmond

I bought a parka yesterday. I’ve been wearing it around town like a moron. What can I say? I’m from Vancouver, and I am a big baby about the cold. Hopefully Vancouver writer Paul Headrick will feel my chilly pain. Locals Mike Knox and Steve McOrmond will likely be less sympathetic.

Vancouver writer Paul Headrick’s new book of short stories, The Doctrine of Affections (Freehand Books), takes us on a fascinating journey into the heart of music. The subjects of this collection are soloists, ensemble players, scholars, collectors, and lovers of music, but their experiences with risk, relief, and often regret make their stories resonate for readers who are hearing their songs for the first time. Headrick is also the author of the novel That Tune Clutches My Heart, which was short-listed for the B.C. book prize for fiction. For more information:

Mike Knox is a hell of a guy. He’s published two books of poetry with ECW Press, Play Out the Match (2006) and The North End Poems (2008). Harshly Purring is his first novel and is a work in progress.

Steve McOrmond’s most recent book of poetry is The Good News about Armageddon (Brick Books 2010). His previous collection Primer on the Hereafter (Wolsak and Wynn 2006) was awarded the 2007 Atlantic Poetry Prize. His first collection, Lean Days (Wolsak and Wynn 2004), was shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Award. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Steve now lives in Toronto.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Paul Headrick, Mike Knox and Steve McOrmond
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
8 PM
The Press Club
850 Dundas Street West


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