March 7: Rob Benvie, Lynn McClory, Angela Szczepaniak

It’s March, and Pivot’s coming in like a lion with readings from Rob Benvie, Lynn McClory, and Angela Szczepaniak. Come revel and roar in the bluster of new poetry and prose at the Press Club!

Rob Benvie is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and currently lives in Montreal. He has recorded and performed with many musical endeavours, including the rock bands Thrush Hermit, Camouflage Nights and The Dears. He is the author of the novels Safety of War and Maintenance, both from Coach House. Maintenance is a apocalyptic journey to the suburbs of 1999, complete with ex-volleyball champs, Empowerment Expos, Robitussin binges and the Do It Dynamic! self-improvement campaign. But it’s more than just that: it’s a look at a suburban family falling apart, people losing their grip on what it means to live in a world that exists in a continual state of conflict. The National Post, who recently compared the book to works by Coupland, DeLillo and Franzen, said, ‘There is a lively use of language and a well-handled scheme of metaphors throughout … but this is also a novel with a real sting in its tail.”

Lynn McClory attended UWO and graduated with a BA in English from the University of Toronto in the dark ages. She was a member of the collectively managed SCM Book Room in Toronto for close to a decade, later founded a sales agency for university publishers and travelled Canada to its many bookstores twice a year for twenty years, when bookstores were a force for theory and literature in Canada. Since winding down her job in 2007, she spends more hours reading than writing, is a perpetual student at Margaret Christakos’ Influency: A Toronto Poetry Salon and has participated in many workshops at the Toronto New School of Writing where she learned more ways to steal than she had imagined. She has had poems published in BafterC poetry magazine, Ars Medica, industrial sabatoge, the Quarry Press anthology, Garden Variety, online with, and writes poetics for the Influency online magazine. Lynn is a member of the Influency magazine Editorial Group.

Angela Szczepaniak is doctoral candidate at the University at Buffalo, where she is neck-deep in a dissertation on innovative poetry, detective fiction, and comic books. Her first book is a novel-in-poems, called Unisex Love Poems. In addition to publishing poetry and critical essays, she recently participated in a hygiene themed poetry-art project with LOCCAL, and as a result her visual poetry can be found on placards in some of the finest public restrooms in Seattle. At the moment, she lives in Toronto, where she thinks about being ravaged by time’s withered claw. Her latest book is The QWERTY Institute of Cosmetic Typographical Enhancements from BookThug, a collection of “visual fictions” that gives insight into the secret lives of letters.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Rob Benvie, Lynn McClory, and Angela Szczepaniak
Wednesday, March 7
850 Dundas Street West
8 PM
Hosted by Sachiko Murakami


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