Pivot on February 27th: Carolyn Black, Jonathan Bennett, and Gillian Savigny

Here we go. Poems about citizenship. Poems about science. Weird, incredible, stories. Pivot hits the darkest part of winter with three readers that, while they won’t bring you much levity, will definitely meet the mood of late February with work that is brooding, unsettling, and (in one case) delivered in an Aussie accent. Don’t worry, it’ll be spring soon. And then it will be winter all over again. Come hang out with likeminded people. It will make the worst of the year go down easy.

Cast List:

Carolyn Black’s work has appeared in the Journey Prize Anthology and received Honourable Mention at the National Magazine Awards. The Odious Child is her first collection of short stories.

Jonathan Bennett is the author of five books including the critically acclaimed novel, Entitlement, and two collections of poetry the most recent of which was Civil and Civic. He is a winner of the K.M. Hunter Artists’ Award in Literature. More at: www.jonathanbennett.com

Originally from Vancouver, Gillian Savigny has spent the last twelve years studying and working in cities across Canada. She has served as Editor for ultraviolet Magazine, Managing Editor for Delirium Press, and Contributing Editor for Matrix. From 2007 to 2008 she worked as a speechwriter for the Leader of her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Ottawa. Her poetry has appeared in several Canadian journals and anthologies. She lives in Toronto where she works in the non-profit sector. Her first collection, Notebook M, was recently released by Insomniac Press.

P(Influency) Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Carolyn Black, Jonathan Bennett
Wednesday, February 27th
8 PM
850 Dundas Street West
PWYC. Suggested Donation: $5.00.
Hosted by Jacob McArthur Mooney


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