Summer Hiatus

Pivot is taking its usual summer break. Lex and Jake would like to thank our 60+ readers from the 2013-14 season for making us good entertainment. We also thank the Press Club for their hospitality and their beer.

We will both be back (all three of us, actually, as the youngest member of Team Pivot, Mr. Oliver von Konigslow will be old enough to make it by the fall) on September 17th.

It’s come to our attention that NOW Magazine has us in their Best of Toronto Poll in the category Best Reading Series. Pivot has many good friends and fellow travelers left off that list (shout-outs to Liveword, The Art Bar, EW Reading Series, and others) but would appreciate it all the same if you jumped over and checked the box next to our name. The sticker would look good on the piano.


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  1. Voted. Thanks for making Wednesday’s great.

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