Can You Help Pivot Find a New Home by April 22nd?

Pivot has some sad news.

After six years, The Press Club’s owners Mikael and Andrew have sold the bar. The details on the new ownership and their plans for the space are still unknown to us at this point but while we are still holding out hope for getting to stay in our home, we are following their advice and looking for at least a short-term venue so Pivot can complete its 2014-15 season, as the closing party for the current ownership is scheduled for April 11th. We know this seems sudden, it is sudden to us too. We found out earlier today.

We are asking our friends for some help identifying either a short term or forever home. This is sadly not a world we know all that well. We are looking for a small and reliable venue, ideally in the west end, that could provide a home for 40-80 people a night with nothing else booked to compete in the space. As an unfunded series we require a free venue willing to pay themselves with alcohol or food sales. Pivot runs April 22nd, May 6th, May 20th, and June 5th to close out our 2014-15 season and has tentatively scheduled our 2015-16 opener for September 9th. These are all Wednesday evenings.

We are sad by the surprise of losing our home but are hopeful either something can be arranged with The Press Club or we can save the series by finding a new place. Please reach out to us at with leads and introductions to anyone you think might be helpful.

Art in this city needs space. And for six years the venue Mikael and Andrew provided was the perfect space, and for that we say thank you to them. We find ourselves a little under the gun all of a sudden in the search for a new space for the 22nd onward but are hopeful something wonderful will happen.

Please think through your communities and reach out to us with ideas. And please share this message in your own networks to widen the search as much as possible.

With love and stiff upper lips.
Jake Mooney & Lex Von Konigslow
Pivot Reading Series


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