Pivot is on its Summer Hiatus

Pivot is done for the year. Our 2015-16 season closed this week and we are on hiatus until September 7th.

Jake would like to thank The Steady Cafe for being a friendly home this season. He also wants to say thanks to Alexis von Konigslow for her support and to Bianca Spence for filling the dual role of Supply Teacher and Guidance Counselor at Pivot Middle School. Pivot also thanks its friends at The Scope, especially Juanita Muwanga and Emily Joveski.

But mostly, Pivot thanks its readers. In chronological order (deep breath): Mathew Henderson, Cat Kidd, Liz Howard, Raoul Fernandes, James Grainger, Sabrina Ramnanan, Dina del Bucchia, Daniel Zomparelli, Margaret Christakos, Liz Worth, Meira Cook, Kevin Hardcastle, George Murray, Chad Campbell, Elena Johnson, Cara-Lyn Morgan, Catriona Wright, Faith Vanessa Arforful, Matt Cahill, Maureen Hynes, Karen Solie, Jonathan Ball, Amina Farah, Laura Clarke, Derek McCormack, Andy McGuire, Janue Munro, Jean Marc Ah-Sen, James Lindsay, Carolyn Smart, Madhur Anund, Trevor Cole, Lana Pesch, Kim Trainor, Jeff Blackman, Patrick Warner, Zachariah Wells, Gary Barwin, Melissa Bull, Michelle Brown, Tajja Isen, A.F. Moritz, Alessandro Porco, Daniel Kincade Renton, Rahat Kurd, Cassidy McFadzean, Brent Raycroft, Laurie D. Graham, Adrienne Gruber, Soraya Peerbaye, Talya Rubin, Jordan Tannahill, Carmine Starnino, Vivek Shraya and Arleen Pare.

That’s fifty-five readers. Forty-one of them read (mostly or only) poetry and fourteen (mostly or only) read prose. Our CWILA count for the season (using self-identified genders and guided by pronouns) was 31 women and 24 men, or a 56/44 split towards women. This moves Pivot’s all-time CWILA count to a somewhat uncanny and not-entirely planned 50.00/50.00 split.

Pivot should have some of its early Fall 2016 ready to publicize on Facebook in June or July. In the interim, watch pivotreadings.ca and follow us on iTunes as we’re going to post The Scope’s podcasts over the course of the summer.


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