Upcoming Pivots

Pivot is also happy to thank our new partners at the Toronto Arts Council, who have provided funds again for our 2016-17 Season, allowing us to expand our honorariums.

Pivot’s Winter/Spring 2017 Season

(*Note that this is a preliminary season schedule. The best way to stay abreast of changes to Pivot’s season is by liking our Facebook page or Twitter account. Recent releases from all readers are noted in parentheses.)


Pivot on January 11th:

Adnan Khan, Craig Francis Power, Meaghan Strimas & Moez Surani


Pivot on January 25th:

Nyla Matuk, D.D. Miller, & Drew Hayden Taylor


Pivot on February 8th

Shari Kasman, Mike Knox, & D.S. Stymeist


Pivot on February 22nd

Julie Mannell, Jane Ozkowski, & Adam Zachary


Pivot on March 8th

Puneet Dutt, Nora Gold, Hal Niedzviecki, & Matt Robinson


Check back for our Spring show soon.

Thoughts about our bookings? Pivot is always looking for feedback, which can be given anonymously via our Anonymous Feedback Tool.

Interested in reading? Come take a look at our Reading at Pivot page for a rundown on how to put your name forward. We like a mix of establish, emerging, veteran, and disembodied voices. Pivot loves all kinds.

If you know of someone you’d like to come see at Pivot, you should let Jake know. You can reach him at pivotreadings (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also find Pivot on The Twitter. Or The Facebook. Or, you could walk up to Jake on The Street.

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